ReactJS - Simply brilliant

Recently I decided to try ReactJS React describes itself as a JavaScript library for User Interfaces. In this blog post I will discuss what React is and why I think that it is simply brilliant.

React is often mentioned with Angular, Ember, Knockout, Backbone and all of the other frameworks. But React is only the View layer. It makes no assumption about the rest of your stack.

React Components are the future

React components are fantastic. It gives you the ability to create your own components, allowing you to reuse them throughout your project. It is one of Reacts great features and allows manipulate and define your own components. Boosting your productivity and creativity. Simply feed some data to your components and React takes care of refreshing the components when the underlying data changes.

Virtual DOM

React creates its own Virtual DOM, allowing you to see your components live. This approach gives you enormous flexibility and amazing gains in performance because it’s way faster than manipulating the actual DOM. React.js calculates what changes need to be made in the DOM beforehand and updates the DOM tree accordingly. This way, React.js avoids costly DOM operations and makes updates in a very efficient manner.

JSX is supeb

React.js uses a special syntax called JSX, which allows you to mix HTML with JavaScript. You create your components with JSX which are then compiled into JavaScript. The new syntax because makes writing your components a breeze, and after a while it feels very natural. It’s also easier to visualize the DOM with JSX syntax.

Its great with SEO

Naturally search engines have a difficult time reading JavaScript Frameworks as they are not exactly search engine friendly. But because React.js runs on the server, and uses the Virtual DOM it will render and return the browser as a standard web page.

Developer Tools

Once you have installed React.js, don’t forget to install the official React.js chrome extension. It makes debugging your app so much easier.

Developed by Facebook

React.js is now open source, but it was first developed at Facebook for internal purposes. After a while, Facebook engineers realized that they created something truly awesome and decided to share their project with the world. Facebook uses some React.js, and Instagram’s entire website was built on React.js There are also many other websites built with Reactjs