Latest Thoughts

    ReactJS - Simply brilliant

    Recently I decided to try ReactJS React describes itself as a JavaScript library for User Interfaces. In this blog post I will discuss what React is and why I think that it is simply brilliant.

    Why you should use Version Control

    Recently I decided to try Version Control such as Git and Bitbucket In short version control allows you to manage a project a various stages. Whether you work in a team or by yourself. Version control such as Git and Bitbucket will change how you manage your project.

    Sass - Its like CSS on steroids!

    For a while now I have been using Sass a lot in my projects. Having always used Vanilla CSS, I never really understood the benefits of Sass and why so many developers used it. But trust me on this, if you are a developer You really need to start using it!

    JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-end Web Development Review

    Recently I decided to look into JavaScript and JQuery as any web developer will tell you. You can do an awful lot with JavaScript and its library JQuery. I decided to try: JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-end Web Development by Jon Duckett

    Digital Ocean Review

    I have been looking a lot recently into hosting for both clients and my projects. I came across Digital Ocean They offer affordable, extremely fast hosting that puts you in control. If you know what to expect from them, they can be the best host you will ever use, and here’s why…

    Bootstrap - Possibly the best front end framework ever!

    Building a responsive website takes a lot of time. With the sudden increase in responsive design from both a consumers point and Google. Many developers choose a framework. One of my personal favourites is Bootstrap It is one of the most popular front end frameworks on the internet.

    Wordpress - Simply the best!

    I have been looking into various content management systems to see which one is best suited to my clients needs and also my own from a developers point of view. So I recently decided to try Wordpress. It is arguably one of the best content management systems available. In this blog post I will discuss some of its features and why I personally rate it highly as a great CMS.

    Bower - A great package manager

    When starting any project it can become time consuming downloading all of the necessary files that you need for your project from framework files to plugins. Now here is a simply way of getting the latest files downloaded straight to your project without using a browser. Introducing Bower the package manager for the web.

    Sublime Text Editor Review

    Being a developer a text editor or IDE is an essential tool that you use on a regular basis. In this review I will discuss the reasons why I personally enjoy using Sublime Text and some of its many features.

    Perch CMS - A brilliant CMS System

    Recently I decided to try a CMS called Perch It has some really nice features and is great for people who just want to update their website quickly and easily without any hassle. In this blog post I will look at some of the features, and why Perch maybe for you.

    What I have been reading - Rework by 37 Signals

    Recently I decided to take a break from reading developer books and thought I would try something different. I decided to pick a copy of Rework by 37 Signals The main aim of the book is to give you a fast guide to modern business online.

    Gruntjs - What is it and why you need it

    So recently I decided to get stuck into a tool called Gruntjs Gruntjs is a JavaScript Task Runner. It allows for quicker Web Development by helping you automate tasks. In this blog post I will discuss how to install Gruntjs and some of the tasks it helps to accomplish.

    What I have been reading - JavaScript: The Good Parts

    I have decided to add some resources which I have been reading. As every developer knows you can never know too much. In this blog post I will discuss the popular library JavaScript and the book JavaScript: The Good Parts

    Why I love Laravel

    I have recently decided to look at Laravel. Which is a PHP Framework and is used for Web Applications. So far its fantastic and has a whole host of features. In this blog post I will explain some of the features of Laravel and why I highly recommend it.

    Tools that make you an awesome developer

    Everyone has a set of tools that help them in their job. Whether it be as a web developer or a web designer, I have listed some tools which I use personally to make my job as a developer that bit more awesome.

    How to do a 301 redirect in htaccess

    In this blog post we will look at how to do a 301 redirect in a htaccess file.

    What is Responsive Web Design

    In this blog post I discuss what is Responsive Web Design and how you can benefit from it whilst providing your business with more profit.